Thursday, June 25, 2009

Stalking my UPS Man...

So I am eagarly awaiting my UPS man today (which of course means he will not show up before 5 pm). Why, you ask? Because he is bringing me a shipment of totally unique paper and embellishments that I cannot wait to get my hands on. I think I am even going to snag a couple of these steals for myself :)

Here is a sneak peak, if you have never heard of this company, you should definitly check them out:

I hope to have the steal from Crate Paper online be sure to check back (you will not be disappointed!).

That's it for now. I am thinking I may try to take my boys to the library today. This will be a new experience for them...I can see it going one of two ways.

1) they have a great time looking at books and picking some out to take home

2) Complete rowdiness...running through the aisles, dirty looks, the whole bit.

Keep your fingers crossed for the first...I will let you know.


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