Friday, October 2, 2009

Free Shipping Weekend!


I love October! It is probably one of my most favorite months...pumpkin patches, State Fair of Texas, Halloween, cooler weather (especially after the long, hot Texas summer), it is wonderful!

So enough of that, to kickoff this month in Crafty Steals style, we are having FREE Shipping all weekend! All day Saturday and all day Sunday everything you buy will ship for FREE!*

Happy October!

*Free shipping for US and Canada only. Sorry International folks it does not apply, but I will discount your shipping.

October is also soccer season and my little guy looks so darn cute, I could not resist sharing. :) Six 4 year olds playing soccer is just about the funniest thing ever...maybe I will put a video out here one of these days :)


  1. I had no idea you were in TX, what part? I'm in Savannah 10 minutes North of Frisco :D

  2. I am in Argyle...just south of Denton. I know exactly where Savannah is...I used to take 380 to Frisco all of the time :)

  3. I'm very familiar with Argyle. I grew up in Denton, and some of my family lived there. Now they live in Bartonville off 407. Glad to see there's people near me!!

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  5. can contact me at if you have an issue you would like to discuss.

  6. I lived in McKinney for about 3 years...I miss Texas!

  7. I love the soccer pic! My grandson is also 4 and plays on the "red" team. You are right - 5 4 year olds chasing a soccer ball is very cheap and (sometimes) clean entertainment!