Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sneak peek.... Silhouette Machine at a Steal!


I am pleased to announce a new CraftySteals vendor... Silhouette! They make a fantastic machine and amazing products so we are pleased to welcome them to our family.

To celebrate we have secured an awesome deal on the Silhouette machine! So for 24 hours you will be able to grab up this newly released machine at a Steal! Once the 24 hour period ends, that's it for a while. However, we will also be offering other products from Silhouette in the future....think vinyl, heat transfer, etc.

What is the Silhouette?

The Silhouette is a digital cutting tool for personal use. It connects to your computer just like a printer, but instead of printing designs it cuts them with a small blade. With the machine connected to your computer, you'll get access to all of the fonts on your PC plus the thousands of cuttable designs found on the Silhouette Online Store.

What Can the Silhouette Make?


With the Silhouette you can create handmade greeting cards with designs and sentiments perfect for the occasion no matter what it is. And making duplicates is as easy as a few clicks of the mouse. The Silhouette Online Store even has unique card templates from scalloped edges to flourish windows to pop-up sentiments.

Custom Apparel

With the Silhouette's intricate cutting ability and freedom to choose and customize designs and text, creating custom shirts, jeans, shoes and more is easy enough for anyone to do. Cut and iron on simple phrases or intricate layered designs in heat transfer material or add some bling to your wardrobe by cutting rhinestone templates with a Silhouette rhinestone starter kit.

Scrapbook Pages

Scrapbooking has never been easier than it is with the Silhouette. When it comes to shapes, titles and paper embellishments, the Silhouette can do it all! You'll have access to nearly all of the fonts on your computer and, with the included software, you'll be able to cut your designs in any size to get the perfect fit for every layout.

Be sure to have a Silhouette cutting mat on hand so you can save and cut your scraps.

Temporary Tattoos

Afraid of needles? Temporarily rebelious? Buy this and cut it out for your arm.

Sketch Designs

The Silhouette can turn any design into a sketch. Just take out the blade, pop in a Silhouette sketch pen and watch the Silhouette draw intricate patterns.

Vinyl Decor

Vinyl decor is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to decorate homes in America. Easy to cut, self-adhesive, and removable, indoor vinyl is the perfect way to add your favorite quotes and designs directly to the walls of your home. Best of all, Silhouette vinyl is priced just right so you can just peel off your designs when you’re ready for something new.

Bonus features

By now you know that the Silhouette is a tool that cuts cardstock, vinyl, vellum and other papers, but did you know what else it can do?


The Silhouette blade can easily be interchanged with special Silhouette pens in order to draw designs instead of cutting them. With a pen in the machine instead of the blade, the Silhouette will make the same motions, but will draw your design rather than cut it.


The Silhouette is also equipped with an optical sensor to allow precise cutting of printed designs. Open your favorite clip art in the Silhouette software, arrange it how you like, then print it out on your home printer. The software will print small registration marks on the page which will allow the Silhouette to align the cutting blade perfectly with your printed artwork. With the Silhouette, the possibilities are endless.

It is PC and Mac compatible. (Mac requires a special free download that will be available Tuesday).

Be sure to check it out! We will have the best price online but only for 24 hours!



  1. Awesome! I love that it sketches and that you can print and cut! I am also excited for future heat transfer steals! :) Thanks! :)

  2. I can't wait to see the price. Amazon has it for as low as $187.99

  3. I'm so disapointed in the price..... at least 3 or 4 retailers sell the Silhouette for less than $199.

  4. Oh WOW! This is great :) I stole it! Thank you for providing us with such a great item.

  5. So when exactly was this item available? And how much did it go for? I can't find any information beyond this entry.

  6. It was september 8th, and was selling for $199.
    Hope this helps!

  7. The Silhouette is such an awesome machine! I love to cut vinyl with mine :) I found Expressions Vinyl.com has the best priced Silhouette Vinyl too!