Friday, October 15, 2010

Shipping Update + Past Steals Page

First, we wanted to formally announce the addition of our "Past Steals" page. We have gathered up old goodies and made a page for you to purchase them on. Even better is we will combine the shipping for you! So shop away but do not delay 'cause once it's gone, it is gone!

Now, for the shipping update. As many of you know we have struggled with the shipping charges since we opened our doors in June 2009 and now with the addition of the past steals page it has made it even more difficult for us to accurately calculate and charge the correct shipping. So as of Saturday October 16th we are moving to a calculated shipping model. This will allow you to pay exactly the amount charged by the USPS. The charges will be calculated based on your zip code and the weight of your entire shopping cart. This will allow us to deepen our discounts offered to you and in some instances save you money on the shipping!

As always, please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns.

Have a great weekend!



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  2. The new shipping rates are very disappointing to
    us Canadians. For example, I put in the Orbit Paper pack from Friday's Steal. It cost $12.99. The shipping charge was $15.00. Under the old shipping rates, it would have been $3.49. That is a little shocking. The retail price is $26 but with the shipping it is $27.99. $12.99 is far from the price we will pay. As a Canadian I will have to really think this out. It will turn out to be no such a steal anymore and it will be so expensive to order. It's a sad day as this was my favorite scrapbooking "store". I hope you will re-think your shipping policy.

  3. Hi April!

    That does seem a little high. This is the first day for the calculated shipping so there may be a few issues we need to address. Will you send me an email with your address and I will investigate the shipping charge. Thanks! Stephanie

  4. Canadian Shipping has been fixed. The shipping charges should be much more reasonable now. :)

  5. Many thanks to you Stephanie. The problem was fixed overnight, and I'd like to add cheerfully too. It's reassuring to know that you truly listen to your customers. How nice it was, to personally get an email from you. In the world of big business today, I can't say enough how refreshing it is that your business has a personal touch. I will be a long time supporter of and I will definitely recommend you to my crafty friends. :)

  6. I like having the new addition of the "Past Deals"!