Monday, July 13, 2009

I am a Mac...

So this entry has really nothing to do with Crafty Steals but since it has been a week I felt I needed to blog something. So I am in the process of converting my life to Mac...I decided that I had enough of Microsoft freezing and randomly shutting down so I went out and got myself a Macbook. So far I love freezing, it boots up in like 15 seconds and iphoto is awesome.

So far the biggest issue I have had occurred when my 3 year old had a rather embarrassing "accident" right in the middle of a very busy Apple store on Sunday afternoon. As if that was not bad enough he felt the need to announce it by yelling loudly "Mommy, pee pee!" across the store to me. The joys of parenthood and potty training. 

Okay one business update...expect some new goodies by the end of week...more to come!

So here is a picture I edited with it!


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