Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Want my Cricut Magazine?

Well, after finding out that Steph can't get any more inaugural editions of the Cricut magazine, I thought that I should give up my copy. I've looked through it, filed away some of those great ideas in my head, and it would just sit on my shelf. So.....why not let some fabulous Crafty Stealer win it?

So what do you have to do? Well, in honor of our sleet and snow here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area (that has already wreaked havoc on our household - we will be on Snow Day #2 tomorrow), we want to see your snow/winter weather layouts. Load 'em up to our Crafty Steals Facebook page and we'll randomly pick a winner. I know many of you are housebound with kids - which makes it hard to get much done - so I'll give you until Thursday morning (lets draw the line at noon CST) to get them up.

Hope everyone who is getting the arctic blast stays warm and safe, and to those of you basking in the sun somewhere - can I come visit?

Have a great night, and happy crafting! Can't wait to see your layouts!


  1. Well, what a GREAT "challenge" except.. we have no snow in KY. :) Good luck to everyone who does. hehe...


  2. We dont have any snow either in East Tennessee so yeah, good luck to everyone else :)

  3. Any winter layouts at all? Kids in coats or mittens? It doesn't have to be snow. Hey, if you have only warm weather where you are, show us what YOUR winter is like! (And we'll be jealous).

  4. That's a hard one when Florida is reaching 80°! I wish I had snow pics!

  5. My children have never seen snow...wonder if I'll ever had a layout like that..hmmm! It did get Cold and we thought we might have seen a snow flury but not enough to take a picture.

  6. It's a snow day in WI! Got some craft room cleaning/organizing done!

    Kathy Jacobson