Saturday, January 29, 2011

More inspiration for our taking!

So last night, I thought I'd get my craft on while watching some thought-provoking TV on the Discovery channel with my hubby.  Alright. Who am I fooling? I'd love to say I was watching a documentary on fireflies, but it was (hangs head in shame).... a TiVoed Jersey Shore. I know, I know, it's awful. But my husband likes to watch it, and being the kind, loving and generous wife I am, I don't want to take that little pleasure away from him. ;)

I was looking over one of today's steals, the Simply Handmade magazine, and thought there was some really fun ideas for home decor --- that looked fairly simple and fast! I took two different projects (a pillow and a clutch purse) and melded them into the this pillow for my daughter's bedroom. 
It took about an hour from start to finish and I loved that I was able to use up bits and pieces of felt, ribbon and buttons that I had laying around already!

One thing that I really like about this magazine is the awesome step-by-step instruction. There are a lot of different techniques shown on how to make fabric flowers. I adore these kinds of flowers when I see them, but never realized how SIMPLE it is to make them.  Until I saw the instructions AND templates in the back of the book. I have a sneaking suspicion that my daughter is going to be the proud recipient of many a felted flower from now on!

Now, I have a word about the Cricut magazine.  I know I probably suprised the die-hard Cricut lovers when I talked about how I never use mine, (even though I really do think it does cool things!).  I am pleased to report that his magazine really does give a fresh perspective on ways to use the Cricut.  For example, I had never thought to cut fabric with the Cricut.  I feel so silly for never thinking of this. All you have to do is attach some fusible interfacing, and you can make your own appliques! I guess I need to think out of the box when it comes to the Cricut.  I'd love to hear what other things you do with your Cricuts beyond making titles and shapes for layouts and cards.  It might be the push I need to dust that sucker off!!!

Go grab your Simply Handmade and Cricut magazines before we run out (a lot of people are asking about these so I'd guess they'll go fast!).  These idea books are chock-full of ideas and instructions!  And please don't forget to share your creations on our Facebook page.  We love to see your "steals" in action and your talents at work!

Have a great day and Happy Crafting!


  1. I have had a Cricut for years, but it was not really until this year that I really started using it and LOVING it. For Christmas my wonderful boyfriend got me the Expression and I have used it everyday... that coupled with the Design Studio! OMG you would be suprised the things that you will come up with! So I hope you do dust yours off (lol) I know you will love it!

  2. Kiesha, you know what I find most frustrating is figuring out the right combo of pressure and speed. Is it just practice? I know people love their Cricuts so much, and I seem to have such a mental block about it! You give me hope though!

  3. Andreana, it takes tons of practice! I still screw up with paper all the time! When I first got it I wanted it so bad but I swear I would use it to cut one thing (like a little tiny heart) and just close it back up! I really think it takes some time. But the possibilities truly are endless once you get the hang of it. Good Luck!