Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Glue Arts + Crafty Steals = Endless Possibilities

Good morning CraftyStealers!

We've got another new vendor making their debut at CraftySteals today.  We are thrilled to welcome Glue Arts! Glue Arts makes a variety of adhesives (all assembled in the USA, by the way), including this big, beautiful refillable tape runner, the Glue Glider Max:

Does anyone else use those little, disposable tape runners? I'll raise my hand! When I started using them, I thought they were the best thing since sliced bread - no sticky glue mess, no warped papers, super fast to use.  But, those little suckers also have a few drawbacks.  First, they don't always have the best adhesive - sometimes the "stick" is not so sticky.  There have been a few instances when I come back to a page or project, and the papers (or especially chipboard pieces) have come loose or fallen off!  Another issue, is that those little tape runners seem to run out very quickly (and they aren't too cheap to keep replacing!)

The Glue Glider Max solves those problems.  The refill cartridges have up to 114 feet of tape! (That will take even me a while to use up and is more cost effective than buying the little guys).  There are also 6 different kinds of cartridge refills depending on your needs (they are either 1/2" or 1" wide and come in perma tac or repositionable adhesive strength).  The perma tac tape means your projects will stay where you put them!

I recently got my hands on the Glue Glider max, and was excited to take it for a test drive.  As part of my office reorganization, I want to revamp my bulletin board (and let's face it, make the whole place more fun to be in).  My current bulletin "board" is an old frame surrounding cork squares that are covered in scrapbook paper.  It's WAY too small for my needs as you can see (well, kind of see - sorry the picture is so dark).  I wanted to be able to separate my work papers from my personal papers - so I decided to make two boards.
Using the Glue Glider Max, some fun Riley Blake material (a past steal from StitchSteals.com), cheap page protectors, and some ribbon, I was able to get make exactly what I need in about an hour (including paint drying time!)
I started with two plain bulletin boards and painted them both black - to match my office colors.
Then I measured the board and cut two rectangles of fabric to cover the surface of the corkboard.
Using the Glue Glider Max (this cartridge has 1" perma tac tape), I ran a strip around the edge of the board, pressed the fabric down, and trimmed the edges.
Next, I wanted to add a little customization and put a pocket in for a calendar.  Working with a 12 X 12 page protector, I placed a piece of paper in for reference, and cut the page protector down to size.
Then I used the Glue Glider Max to run a piece of tape around the edges and placed it on my fabric.  (I know you can see the tape through the page protector, but only when it is empty - which it won't ever be!).  Are you wondering why I don't just pin the calendar to the corkboard? The page protector lets me write on it with a dry erase marker to make any changes without having to reprint a whole new calendar!
I finished it off with a ribbon for a trim around the edge (using the Glue Glider Max to adhere it of course!)
Here's how my boards look now:
If you'd like to see the Glue Glider Max used in even more crafty ways, check out what they are making over at the Glue Arts blog.

Before you run over to get today's Glue Glider CraftySteal, I want to list a few suggestions for use that are listed on the packaging for Glue Glider Max beyond papercrafts:
  • Picture framing
  • Hold rugs and shelf paper in place
  • Reattach fencing/trellises
  • Bond fabrics and attach crown molding
  • Attaching weather-stripping and insulation
Those are just a few among dozens of others! With all of those possibilities, you might want to get two because your husband might try sneaking yours out of your craft stash and he'll be needing his own for a Father's Day suprise :)

And, because I am nothing if not an enabler, go check out today's StitchSteal if you like to play with fabrics - it's a Glue Glider Pro with Fabric Bond adhesive! (You can also check out the pillow I made using my Silhouette Heat Transfer and the Glue Glider Pro with Fabric Bond at the StitchSteals blog).

Have a great day, and Happy Crafting!

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  1. Great idea! I may have to steal it for my office ;) ~ Stephanie