Wednesday, June 16, 2010 1st Birthday Celebration!

It's our birthday and we are ready to party! We hope you will join us!

Here is a rundown of our giveaways, be sure to keep an eye out on this blog or facebook for information on how to participate!

Thursday: CraftySteals Tee & Gift Certificate Giveaway
Friday: Grab Bag Giveaway
Saturday: Free gift with purchase of our extra special "Steal" + Fastenator Bundle Giveaway

Now for a sneak peek at tomorrow's steal....
I love mine so much that I managed to get you all a deal too! It's a Yudu to go with the Yudu made CraftySteals t-shirts! If you have any questions regarding the Yudu, please feel free to send me an email. **


**(This is going to be a U.S. only steal. If your shipping address is International or Canadian, please email me if you are interested in the Yudu so we can discuss the shipping rates for this heavy item).


  1. WOW... i've been eying one of these.

  2. Oh my gosh! How am I supposed to stay on my shopping diet this summer when you keep coming up with steals that I "just have to have"? Thank you for bringing these fabulous products to us!

  3. WOOHOO I can't wait! Happy Birthday Crafty Steals!!

  4. My dream would be if you could work a steal on the "Scrapbox" those things are awesome!!

  5. Ohhh! That Yudu looks amazing!! Happy Birthday Crafty Steals!!!

  6. Is it sad that my hubby wants this more than I do! LOL... I can't wait! Thanks Crafty Steals! HP!

  7. Happy Birthday Crafty Steals. I have loved your site and can't wait to see your daily steals.

  8. Yay! Happy Birthday Crafty Steals!!
    Its my birthday tomorrow!!!
    Can't wait to see the steals =)


  9. I've seen this demo'd and wondered how much I would use it but if it's truly a steal I'll just have to give in.

  10. Happy Birthday to the most amazing site ever! Keep up the great work! Great steal!

  11. Happy Birthday and many more!

  12. Happy birthday, I love this site and I hope (I know) you will have many many more birthdays to come