Monday, January 17, 2011

Thicker Love

I have a confession to make. I have a Cricut Personal Cutter (die-cutting machine). A Cricut that has a layer of dust on it. A nice thick layer of dust. I HAD to have that machine. I just knew it would make all of my crafty dreams come true. I had seen the awesome things you could make using it (anyone remember that infomercial?). After coveting it for about a year, I found a killer deal and proudly brought it home. I gave it a special place of honor in my office/craft room and searched high and low for the best prices on cartridges (after I stalked message boards to figure out which cartridges were must-haves). Yet, it sits on my desk, completely unloved and untouched. I think I've used it a total of 8 times. That poor, poor little bug.

Want to know why I never use it? I'll tell you in one word. Thickers. Oh, how I love me some Thickers. The people over at American Crafts were pretty genius when they came up with these awesome, thick letter stickers. They come in some fabulous colors and so many fun fonts. Want vinyl? Check. Fabric? They have those too. Chipboard? Yep. Puffy, glitter and felt too! The best part, is that they make it insanely easy to put a title on a page. No setting up a machine or figuring out the best way to adhere those little letters to your paper. Just peel and stick.

Of course, they aren't just great for layouts. They make your sentiments on cards stand out in the perfect way. (Love all of the textures to choose from!). They are perfect for just about any project. I used them to personalize my son's altered Valentine's Day mailbox. I even use them to personalize birthday presents for my children's friends!

Have I peaked your interest in trying out some Thickers on your next project? Well, lucky for you, Stephanie scored a great deal to pass on to you. Check out today's steal of assorted American Crafts Thickers. But watch out, if you haven't used them before, you might get addicted!

I'll leave you with some of the American Crafts Design Team's incredible work!

AC Design team member Kathy Thompson-Laffoley created this mini-album using not only the Apricot Letterman Thickers from today's steal, but the American Crafts Junior collection papers (available on the past steals page):

Here is a creative way AC Design Team Member Paige Evans came up with to use up any leftover Thickers (because, let's face it, there are only so many ZOO layouts a person can do to use up those Zs!):

Happy crafting!


  1. Just grabbed myself this wonderful steal today! Just gotta love them Thickers!

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  3. Oh yes! I love Thickers too! Who doesn't!?! They're fabulous!!

  4. I have not tried Thickers, but I agree, my Cricut sits unused. Heading over to look at today's steal!

  5. I get the thickers on clearance Hobby Lobby had had tons of them on clearance...but I use them to emboss cards or envelopes..I run them through my cuttlebug... I feel the same way that if I buy a Circut it will sit on my bookshelf all lonely...I love that helps me with my need for a circuit and so does the price of the materials and cartridges.....I would rather spend the money on other things to craft with.. :o) It took me a while to even break down and buy a cuttlebug but I feel that was the best product I have bought...