Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Dr. Seuss Day!

It’s Dr. Seuss week,
and I’ll give you a peek,
at the shirt that I made for my son.
He’d have worn it this morning,
but yesterday with no warning,
he caught a fever of one hundred and one!

I'm sure you other moms can relate to this story.  We got an email on Monday afternoon, that we should send our kids to school with Dr. Seuss shirts on Wednesday, as it's Dr. Seuss's birthday - and NEA's Read Across America Day. Well, since I don't have a shirt laying around, and no time to go shopping for one, I thought I would make one!

I picked the Lorax, because it's my son's favorite Dr. Seuss book (I would like to think he's a budding environmentalist, but I'm pretty sure he just thinks it's silly).  I Googled an image of the Lorax, added in some text, and printed its mirror image out on some heat-transfer paper.  After a couple of minutes with a hot iron, I had a cute shirt for the boy!

I only wish my son weren't sick and could wear it! Luckily, I made two iron-ons, and gave the other to Stephanie's son.  Hopefully he'll have a great special Dr. Seuss Day in HIS Lorax shirt. 

I'm off to make Green Eggs and Ham for my kids - to make up for missing the fun at school. :)

Don't forget to keep sending in your paper creations to or your stiched or yarn creations to for consideration for Feature You Fridays! We've already gotten some fabulous emails and can't wait for Friday to start sharing!!

Have a great Wednesday!


  1. Oh, I love Dr. Seuss!! So sorry your son is sick! :( Green eggs and ham will make him happy, I'm sure!

  2. So cute! P did wear his to school today, thanks for making it & thinking of us :) You saved me!

  3. sorry to hear he's sick. hoping he gets better soon. dr suess is too cool isn't he?

  4. Thanks for the well wishes! He's feeling better (funny how staying home from school perks him up!).

    And Dr. Seuss IS cool! I can read his books to the kids all day - they're the only books I don't get sick of repeating!